the general car insurance reviews

If you need car insurance The General is definitely NOT THE WAY TO GO!!! I bought an insurance policy at the very end of December and made my billing date for the 15th of every month. That means that the initial starting fee I paid should have been good for one month & my next payment should have been due February 15th. That is how it's supposed to work but not a The General! They wanted me to pay a starting fee then my bill for the month 15 days later. So before January 15th I requested a refund for the starting fee and requested to cancel my policy and a lady told me I would get a refund and cancel my policy and by giving her my drivers license #, she wouldn't need a signature. Weeks letter they sent documents asking for a signature for cancellation.

Never received a refund and I still continue to get emails regarding my past due bill. I called yesterday and a lady told me I didn't get a refund because they couldn't read my signature. WHAT THE **?! It's a signature!!! Then she told me she would email me the documents to sign and email back when I find that the next day they sent me an email saying they couldn't do anything about my request because I sent the document to the wrong email? Um these people are full of **. I've been with this company for almost 3 years now eklund insurance goodland ks. First signing up was great.

I don't deal with them anymore though. I just pay online every month and every year my monthly rate got lower. Last year it was 45.78. This year 2014 they offered me 483 up front for the whole year or 40.

82 for the first month. It don't get any cheaper than this for Liability and Property Damage. You know the minimum required coverage by law. I don't need medical payments insurance because the Veteran Affairs takes care of me for free. Also my wife and kids are all covered by TENCARE.

I assume they do anyway, and if they don't I'll just switch to a different carrier that offers me more perks. But for the mean time this works for all four of us. The General Rules. © 2016 ExpertInsuranceReviews.

the general auto insurance reviews

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You don't have to speak to a representative first. You can add a driver to your account, or add or replace a vehicle all with just a few clicks. You can also update your billing information from here and switch over to paperless billing if you'd like. Rates & Resources Health & Life Insurance Home & Car Insurance Top Pages. I was rear-ended by one of their insureds.

The driver got out of the car, admitting that he was speeding and it was his fault. The police officer gave me their information to file the claim. I called and gave their claims dept. and gave them all the info that the police officer provided me. I was told I would get a callback from the adjuster within 24 hours. I had to call everyday to get any response (3 weeks).

the general car insurance customer reviews

The General writes a lot of basic auto insurance policies, including liability-only. This is due to the fact that their target markets are high-risk drivers who are generally in need of basic coverage they can afford. collision . There is very little detail on the website in regards to policy options, and the company doesn’t appear to offer much in the way of add-ons or added features. In order to control abuse and prevent automated scrapers, we limit the rate at which you can request content from Graphiq. Your browsing activity seems to have activated our rate limiter, which may be the result of your computer sending too many requests in a short timeframe, or other signs that may appear to our servers as an automated scraper.

Low down payments : They keep their down payments low and affordable so that drivers can sign up for insurance, even if they don't have a lot of money upfront. Freeport IL Insurance Nippon Life Insurance Reviews San Francisco Insurance Agent Cobra Insurance Salt Lake City UT Insurance Englewood CO Insurance Whole Life Insurance Cost Grange Home Insurance. Record a review about your experience with The General Auto Insurance:. 3 months processing a Claim. Nobody returns calls, nobody seems to know whats going on. Delay...
..and still waiting. Glad Im not insured through them.
I had purchased a policy and then go figure the rates changed after a few days so i called to cancel and they said it was cancelled and I would get a refund in the mail. Month later still no check so I called them To fallow up and they said it was cancelled for non payment. I explained to them that I had already got another policy and told them to cancel the policy and they said they need proof... Research top recommendations on ConsumerAffairs Compare Companies check who your car insurance is with. © 2016, LLC · All Rights Reserved · All Logos & Trademarks Belong To Their Respective Owners.

the general auto insurance customer reviews

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Consumers Unified LLC. All Rights Reserved. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. The General’s rates are designed for people who are considered high-risk drivers, and as a result, rates are not really meant to be competitive with major standard insurance companies the general auto insurance customer reviews.
I apparently bought car insurance through Autonation Nissan of south bay although I never actually purchased a car south insurance company. The car sales man did me wrong by making me buy insurance first even though I was not approved by the bank. Now I have only receive part of my refund for buying an insurance I never needed. I believe I am still owed money either from the dealership or from this company. I'm glad I'm not a customer.
  My only experience comes from trying to file a claim with the company after I was rear-ended by one of... Read complete review Let me start by saying, I am not a Direct General Insurance customer.

The elderly male that rear-ended me was very nice and cooperative.  We filed the police report and went on our way.  If he called his insurance company to file a claim, they never followed through with it.  When I called to file a claim, they refused to take my information because I was not a customer.

  It took almost three weeks for Direct General to send out an adjuster, then another two weeks to get their estimate.  After I got the estimate, they quoted way below after-market prices for the repairs that needed to be made.  I finally had to get the body shop to call Direct General and get everything situated with the repairs, as the insurance agent would not return any of my calls. Direct General would not provide a rental car, while repairs were being done, even though I explained to them that I was pregnant and scheduled to deliver that week.  I finally had to talk to the agent's supervisor and provide copies of the phone calls, all recorded, to get a rental car.