passenger in a car accident without insurance

A: It is true in some states, however California is not one of those states . California subscribes to the comparative theory of negligence. What that means is that if you were at fault, you can still recover, however your recovery will be reduced by whatever amount of fault you are apportioned. Thus, if you were driving inattentively and were involved in an accident where the other driver was driving completely recklessly.

If you were awarded $10,000, it would be reduced by 20% or $2,000. If you were found not to be at fault at all, then the award would not be reduced. In California, the legal doctrine of comparative fault or comparative negligence applies passenger in a car accident without insurance. Suppose the total amount of your damages was $100,000, but you were 40% responsible for getting into a car being driven by an impaired driver.

against the negligent driver. If the total value of the injury cases. Signing accident release forms?   I was in a car accident while driving my wife's car. The insurance adjuster from the responsible party has totaled the car and stated since she is the ….
Ortiz Law Firm, Disability Lawyer Law Firm for the Injured and Disabled racv car insurance quotes. If all of the above insurance coverages are insufficient to cover your injuries, you should also check to see whether any uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage is available to you. If you are a passenger in a vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident (car, truck or motorcycle), you may file an injury claim under: calculate auto insurance rates. Rear ended by driver after I crashed into the center divider.
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